Friday, September 21, 2012

Homeschooling Fun

This is what happens when you tell a homeschool kid that "Because Mommy feels sick today, we won't be doing schoolwork today."  First, they jump for joy!  Then without even realizing it, they start doing schoolwork on their own..yay!  While I was laying on the couch this morning, my kids decided to play Twister.  In doing so they learned their colors, directions, taking turns, right and left side of their bodies, shapes, and did a little PE.  Woohoo!  Then a couple hours later while waiting at the my chiropractors office, Monkey (age 7) decided to watch a "Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego" video while writing the names of all the characters in the TV show "Good Luck Charlie".  Proof that my wiggly boy CAN multi-task and FOCUS when he wants to :). Not pictured is Bean (age 5), who was the spinner girl for Twister and who decided to read her Disney Princess book at the chiropractors. 

With the last 2 weeks of homeschooling and just daily life training with Monkey and Bean being a VERY TRYING time for Me, this is a very nice way to end our week.  I have been praying a lot to God over the last 2 weeks for guidance and assurance that I am parenting and teaching my kids according to God's Will and not my own.  Today He showed me that even though I am not the best "teacher" or the best Mom at times, my kids are learning what God wants them to learn. 

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